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Our purpose is to foster a celebration of nature and all the gifts bestowed upon us by Mother Earth, echoing the traditions of our ancestors.


The Vikings held profound respect for nature, and the ancient tree Yggdrasil stood at the center of the universe, interconnecting all living and departed entities. Today people from the Nordics maintain a strong connection with nature. A connection that is often also communicated through local artists, authors and play writers like Hamsun and the contemporary Islandic artist Bjørk.


Petter Sørum, the CEO and founder, is not only a seasoned foodie but also a real estate developer who has recently embraced the role of a farmer in Norway. After two decades of extensive travel and living in New York and various parts of the world, Petter is now on a mission to showcase the finest offerings that the lands and seas of the Nordics can provide to the world.


At Norse Food and Beverage Company, we hold the belief that both nature and the animals gracing our plates deserve utmost respect. We want to be part of a movement towards sustainable and ethical farming, creating a global brand that promotes our philosophy of respect for nature.

If you resonate with our values and share a passion for crafting delightful tastes from the finest gifts of nature, we invite you to connect with us. Join our journey in advocating for ethical and sustainable farming practices. Together, let's create moments of joy around tables with friends and family, while paying homage to traditions and the earth that nourishes us.

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If you're a professional in the food and beverage industry, we extend an invitation to join our Norse Culinary Club. As a member, you'll be part of a community where we discuss and exchange innovative ways to prepare Norse Food and Beverages. Additionally, anticipate annual gatherings in strategic cities globally. Sign up now and stay tuned for culinary inspiration!

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