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Ripe red lingonberry, partridgeberry, or cowberry grows in forest at autumn. Woman gatheri


Embark on a Tantalizing Journey to the Heart of Scandinavia

Harvested from the pristine, untouched wild forests of the north, our exquisite Lingonberry Jam captures the essence of the region's natural beauty in every jar.These vibrant, ruby-red berries, handpicked with care, are a  cherished Scandinavian secret, offering a unique blend of sweet and tart flavors that dance delightfully on your palate.

Our Lingonberry Jam is a celebration of simplicity and purity. It's made with the finest, all-natural ingredients, ensuring that each spoonful is bursting with the authentic taste of Scandinavia.

More than just jam, this jar encapsulates a narrative of Nordic tradition, paying homage to the wild, untamed forests and serving as a testament to the artistry of fine jam-making. Indulge in the luxurious taste of Scandinavia with our Lingonberry Jam - a jewel in the crown of Nordic cuisine.

Delicious Fried herring fillet with dill garnished with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sa

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Adding Lingonberry Jam makes every meal a feast. If you're a professional in the food and beverage industry, we extend an invitation to join our Norse Culinary Club. As a member, you'll be part of a community where we discuss and exchange innovative ways to use Lingonberry Jam. Additionally, anticipate annual gatherings in strategic cities globally. Sign up now and stay tuned for culinary inspiration!

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