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Lichen is an important food source for reindeer and can be used to make aquavit (a Scandin

Water of Life

Our masterfully crafted aquavit, inspired by the wisdom and spirit of the Norse god Odin. Imbued with the traditional flavor of caraway and lichen, Odin offers a subtle, aromatic experience that whispers of ancient times and faraway fjords and waterfalls. Each sip carries the earthy notes of caraway, a spice long cherished for its unique taste and believed by some to offer various wellness benefits.

While we don't claim that Odin is a health potion, we do celebrate the mindful approach to its creation. With a deliberate 25% ABV, significantly lower than typical aquavits, Odin is a testament to our philosophy: "Less Alcohol - More Taste!" This careful balance allows the rich, complex flavors to shine, offering a more nuanced and enjoyable sipping experience.

We encourage you to enjoy Odin responsibly, savoring its distinctive flavor as part of a balanced lifestyle. Remember, moderation is key to appreciating the finer things in life, and Odin is indeed one of them. Let each toast with Odin be a nod to heritage, flavor, and the wisdom of enjoying life's pleasures thoughtfully.

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Celebrating with aquavit makes the meal a feast meant to be shared with others. If you're a professional in the food and beverage industry, we extend an invitation to join our Norse Culinary Club. As a member, you'll be part of a community where we discuss and exchange innovative ways to craft delicious cocktails with aquavit. Additionally, anticipate annual gatherings in strategic cities globally. Sign up now and stay tuned for culinary inspiration!

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