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Slices of traditional Norwegian old cheese (gammelost).jpg

Viking Cheeses

Norway's Premiere Cheese Selections

Brunost, Pultost, and Gamalost, or what we promote as Brown-, White- and Old Viking Cheese. Each cheese is a testament to Norway's rich dairy heritage.

Brown Viking – Crafted from the finest goat's milk, it carries hints of caramel and a subtle sharpness that is both comforting and intriguing. Caramelized with a fudgy texture and sweet, yet savory flavor, it's perfectly paired with bread, waffles or pancakes. We even serve it along with Viking Cod! 

White Viking – Discover the bold and tangy flavors of this traditional Norwegian soft cheese. Made from soured milk and infused with caraway seeds, its piquant taste and crumbly texture make it an adventurous choice for cheese enthusiasts. White Viking is a true embodiment of Norway's culinary boldness, ideal for spreading on dark, hearty bread or as a unique addition to your cheeseboard.

Old Viking– Created from skimmed cow's milk, it undergoes aging to develop its distinctive character, boasting earthy and nutty tones. An ancient cheese renowned for its robust and grainy texture, this is not merely a cheese; it's a journey through time, tailored for those who appreciate a cheese that narrates a story. 

Whether enjoyed alone or as part of a sophisticated culinary creation, these cheeses promise to transport you to the heart of Norway's rich gastronomic culture.

Homemade heart-shaped waffles with brown cheese(brunost). Norwegian (Scandinavian) waffles

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